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Gingerpaw/Gingerstrike Empty Gingerpaw/Gingerstrike

Post by Gingerlion on June 25th 2012, 15:18

Name:Gingerpaw ( Gingerstrike is going to be her warrior name I hope Smile )
RankMedicine Cat Apprentice
ParentsPolandspring -mother - Reedstrike - father -
AppearanceBrown,Black,White,Cream and Orange dappled she-cat with blue eyes. A tint of gold in her eyes. On her Tail is a strange silver crescent moon shape. Smile
History Born into a wandering loner Tribe, then her parents decided that their kits shall not be loners. Polandspring went to ThunderClan, and Reedstrike went to RiverClan. Ginger of Tropical Islands and Frost on Chilly Mountains also went to different clans. Ginger of Tropical Islands came in to ThunderClan, and became Gingerkit, then soon medi-apprentice Gingerpaw.
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Gingerpaw/Gingerstrike Empty Re: Gingerpaw/Gingerstrike

Post by Noxe on June 25th 2012, 18:40

Very nice! Very Happy I thought you wanted to be Gingerbreeze though?


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