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Staff Search! ~ CLOSED Banner10

Staff Search! ~ CLOSED

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Staff Search! ~ CLOSED Empty Staff Search! ~ CLOSED

Post by Dragonclaw on December 13th 2011, 19:40

Sorry this is now closed. We will have 2 new staff members soon!

Hello everyone,
In preparation for fully opening the Forum Registrations, I am currently looking for applicants to be Global Moderator Staff here on WCF! Global Moderators will be able to moderate every forum along with additional responsibilities.

Some basic requirements:
- You must good, obvious but a good point to make.
- You must be devoted to your work and willing to work hard.
- You must have the time to work for us.
- You are expected to be active and come online frequently.
- Your warning bar must be green.
- There are always potential candidates for the job but we aren't looking for someone who just does the we are looking for people to work beyond our expectations.
- Ultimately I will have the last say in who gets the job(s)

Application Form:

Join Date:
One Word to Describe Your Level of Skill:
Why should we have you?
What would you bring to the job?
Extra Comments:

The form above must be completed in full or your application will be declined regardless

Note: If you are accepted, you can no longer be part of Clan. Please keep this in mind if you are planning to apply.

The deadline for applications is the December 18th, 2011 and all applications must be sent via PM to me Dragonclaw.



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