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I'll be away for a few days Banner10

I'll be away for a few days

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I'll be away for a few days Empty I'll be away for a few days

Post by Blackstone on May 16th 2015, 19:46

I'll be away next Wednesday-Friday on a school trip to a place without internet, so I'll be offline then. It's also my birthday two days after I get back, so I might not get on much then either. I'm also going away sometime in June; there are no decent music shops where I live so I have to get off this tiny island and go to Aberdeen or Inverness or something to buy a guitar with my birthday money. I'm trying to get money instead of presents so I can get a better guitar Razz I'll try and give a more exact date closer to the time, but right now I'm not too sure.

Oh, and I'll be away for about ten days at the start of July since we're going on holiday to Cornwall. I'll be almost completely without internet for at least three or four days since we're driving down. I just hope I don't have to set foot in a McDonald's... We went to eat there in Aberdeen in January and I didn't like it at all. xD
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I'll be away for a few days Empty Re: I'll be away for a few days

Post by Stareye on May 18th 2015, 00:25

Okay, Blackstone, we will await your return! Thanks for informing us! Smile


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