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ShadowClan Recruitment/Deputy Open!! Banner10

ShadowClan Recruitment/Deputy Open!!

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ShadowClan Recruitment/Deputy Open!! Empty ShadowClan Recruitment/Deputy Open!!

Post by Russetstar on March 19th 2014, 18:07

ShadowClan is Recruiting!!

Hey Guest,

ShadowClan is looking for a deputy! I'm looking for a loyal deputy that is able to help me out! Applications are below.

I am also recruiting ^^ We need all the help that we can get, so if you join, please plan to be active! We need to bring back ShadowClan to its shadowy ways again Smile

I'd like to announce ShadowClan's new medicine cat, Glimmermist! She was once Field Healer, and she'll continue to serve ShadowClan medical wise. I hope ShadowClan will spend many moons with her as our medicine cat. Medicine Cat Apprentices will be taken in by her choice. More details about MCA will come out soon! Best wishes to her, and may StarClan light her path!



Green warning bar.
Good rep on website.
Must be active.
Must be willing to openly gave advice.
Must be at least two weeks into this website!

Deputy applications:

[b]Current Clan:[/b]
[b]Past Clans[/b]
[b]Current Rank:[/b]
[b]Why are you applying for deputy?[/b]:
[b]Join Date:[/b]
[b]What will you offer as deputy?:[/b]
[b]Roleplay Sample:[/b]


You may PM the application, or post your work below! There is no deadline. First come, first serve. All ShadowClan members that did not get a chance to take part in the PM round, you are allowed to still apply. Please do not bother to apply if you are a trouble maker, or do not have a green bar. You will be automatically eliminated. Please try your best, and be proud of your work! Even simple applications are good. Annoucements for deputy will be annouced in a different topic so keep your eyes peeled.

Good Luck and may the odds ever be in your favor. Very Happy

ShadowClan Warrior
ShadowClan Warrior

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ShadowClan Recruitment/Deputy Open!! Empty Re: ShadowClan Recruitment/Deputy Open!!

Post by Scarstar123 on April 12th 2015, 14:32

please be me

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