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My schedule Dx

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My schedule Dx Empty My schedule Dx

Post by Redstar on August 30th 2012, 21:19

Hi guys!!! I usually won't be on a much because of soccer practice, projects, homework, athletics, etc. Here's when to expect me for sure X3
Monday: Anytime after 4:15-4:30 unless I'm doing a project (That's when school ends)
Tuesday: I'll get on if I don't have athletics after school, than I have soccer until 8, than I might have homework and stuff Dx SO I might not be on on Tuesdays.
Wednesday: Same as Monday except athletics practice after school.
Thursday: Same as Tuesday
Friday: After school if I'm not doing anything
Saturday: Free (usually)
Sunday: Free (usually)

My bedtime is at 10 (In Texas X3 in Cali I believe that's 8.)

There it is. Sorry about my inactiveness! Sweat
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