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Join the Masquerade

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Join the Masquerade

Post by Caraway on May 30th 2013, 21:56

Come one come all, to our Masquerade Ball...

Hello members of WCF Very Happy

This is our official recruitment announcement!
Although it has been a while since the group was released, our Clan forum is finally up cheers

Our first draft of the Clan sheet is up and you can view more on us here >> http://www.warriorcatsforum.com/t3204-about-the-masqueraders

A few starting facts about us:
♦️ Our starting AP is 20 000, meaning if your AP is lower than that, it will automatically increase.
♦️ We live in an abandoned town with a dead nuclear power plant; the Tersus Crystal protects the vicinity.
♦️ We go on monthly raids to the Big City to feast on Twoleg cuisine, meaning we have knowledge on it.
♦️ We do not have a medicine cat, nor do we have traditional ranks: An apprentice is a novice, and you can choose to follow the path of a Sentinel (fighter/strategist) or Shadower (hunter/spy).
♦️ Brightfrost and I are leaders (Council) and Frost is the deputy. (Lieutenant)

As well, there are some minor restrictions that come with being part of this group.

♦️ You must have a rogue and a warrior name
♦️ Your username has to be a rogue name
♦️ No mates from other Clans (we do not share borders with any Clans)

There aren't any standards set for members looking to join; however, if you have a bad record, that will not work out well. If you are looking to join, please do not think this is the time to completely abandon your old characters: the Masqueraders originally came from the Clans, only they changed their identities as to not be tracked or found. 

Nice to finally speak to all of you, 
Caraway Cheese


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