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I'm back!

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I'm back!

Post by Pandora on January 8th 2013, 12:30

I'm so glad to be back on! Here is my new info

Name: Frostwhisper

Age: 31 moons

Mate: A rouge named Lightningpool

Kits:Birchkit (adopted) Tigerkit (with Lightningpool)

Littermates: Gingerpaw

Clan: Riverclan

Position: Queen

Favorite fresh kill: Vole


I was born in a tribe from Polandspring and Reedstrike, with my sister Gingerpaw. My family and I traveled to the forest, leaving the tribe. Then we were only kits. Polandspring joined Riverclan, while Reedstrike joined Windclan. I went with my mother and Gingerpaw went with our father. Reedstrike died happlily of old age, while Polandspring died frighting for me. Smile

~Ahh I gotta go Im at school Ill edit later~

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Re: I'm back!

Post by Lilacstar on January 8th 2013, 14:09

Frostwhisper! Welcome back! :3

But your mate has to be a real member on the site.
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WindClan Leader

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