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Oakheart and Me

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Oakheart and Me

Post by Oakheart on February 16th 2014, 23:48

I am Jesse, and this is my character Oakheart. I am actually very new to roleplaying. I never had done a rp in the past so I am looking forward to this first hand experience with each and everyone of you. I am an animal lover and although I mainly train with dogs, I do work with some cats. I work at a Target store and voluteer at a pet rescue on my freetime.
Oakheart is an interesting character I had developed. He is basically a part of me I put onto this forum.He acts a bit of a loner, so he can be a bit quiet at times. He is very adventurous and loves to try to challenge himself as well as introduce himself to new things. He is always trying to improve upon himself to make himself not only better for himself, but also better for his team. Sometimes he can be serious and yet he can be hard headed too. Even though he can be a tough cat, he is often kind hearted and welcomes many allies and friends
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