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Warrior/Kit Names for Bramblestar's Storm?

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Warrior/Kit Names for Bramblestar's Storm?

Post by Stareye on December 25th 2013, 15:00

Sort of carrying this over from another forum, but it seems like a fun topic, so why not?
So since there will be a modern clan SE coming in summer called Bramblestar's Storm, has anyone invented some names for future kits or warriors? Share you're ideas!
Cherrypaw- Cherryfrost (keeping the parent-child name tradition alive!)
Molepaw- Molefoot (I don't know, I never really cared about Molepaw that much)

Brackenfur & Sorreltail's 2nd Litter
Lilykit- Lilydash
Seedkit- Seedstep

Lionblaze and Cinderheart's Litter
Dandelionstem- pale golden tom
Hollythorn- black she cat with green eyes
Briarpetal- brown she cat, dark green eyes; Briarlight's reincarnation
Scorchstripe- Orange tabby she cat, light blue eyes

Dovewing and Bumblestripe's Litter
Cloudfall- Yellow-white she cat with fluffy, pale gray tail.
Rainstrike- Dark gray tabby tom, blue eyes
Stormtail- silver tabby she cat, orange eyes


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