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Vicky Newsletter

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Vicky Newsletter

Post by Stareye on October 25th 2013, 19:00

Got an email from author tracker and Vicky has written us a nice letter!

AuthorTracker :: Erin Hunter

Hi everyone,

Happy Halloween! My visits to the US at this time of year have given me a real enthusiasm for Halloween and fall-themed decorations, which is quite unexpected as I'm still not keen on Christmas trees. I don't go quite as wild as you do, with your amazing outdoor displays of fake cobwebs, flying witches and cornstalk arrangements, but I do have some little luminous ghosts that I put up around the house, and some pumpkin-shaped candle holders. I'll buy some candy for the trick-or-treaters too, but I have to leave that until the last minute or I'd be tempted to eat it myself.

We are indulging you next month with not one but two gorgeous titles launching on November 5th: Dawn of the Clans Book Two: Thunder Rising, and Warriors: The Ultimate Guide. I am lucky enough to have an advance copy of The Ultimate Guide beside me right now, and I can honestly say that it is breathtaking! Over 80 of the most renowned cats from the five series are featured with full color portraits and detailed biographies, as well as insights into the Nine Lives Ceremonies of two very popular, but very different, leaders. It really is a beautiful book, with an eye-catching cover featuring all of the illustrations from inside. Even better, for the first edition of the Guide, if you remove the cover and unfold it, you'll find a full color timeline of every Warriors book on the reverse, complete with plot summaries and illustrations! (Check out this awesome sneak peek video.) Normally I would recommend this kind of book as an ideal holiday gift, but I don't think you'll be giving this one away. Smile

Do you remember the online competition we ran earlier this year to find the Ultimate Fan? Huge Thank You Purrs to everyone who entered - there were literally thousands of you! We had a fabulous time studying all the entries, and it was incredibly difficult to pick out the top fans, but we finally narrowed it down, and those names will be listed in the front of The Ultimate Guide. It is a pleasure and an honor to dedicate this book to you!

I hope you're having a glorious fall, wherever you are. It's pouring with rain and blowing a gale here today, so hardly the best weather for leaf-peeping. But it's a great excuse to stay inside by the fire, although I do feel a bit sorry for my horse, who was looking very soggy when I saw him this morning. I've just ordered him a ridiculous new rug to keep him warm and dry so that should cheer him up!

Enjoy Thunder Rising, marvel at The Ultimate Guide, and stay safe, whatever you get up to.

With love and good wishes

Vicky/Erin x


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