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~Mentor's for Newbies~

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~Mentor's for Newbies~

Post by Willowstream on June 26th 2011, 19:23

First topic message reminder :

Greetings people of Warriors World!! I'm Willowstream the owner of ~Mentor's for Newbies~. We're here to help you get used to this forum and to answer your questions!! If you are a newbie and you are looking for a mentor please reply to this message and type your username and tell me you want a mentor. I will then add you to the people waiting for a mentor list.

~People waiting for a Mentor~

And if you are willing to be a mentor these are the rules for being able to mentor a newbie:
1. You must have been on the forums for at least 2 MOONS NOTE: I will NOT be a mentor
2. You must know EVERYTHING about this forum
3. You must be patient and friendly Smile
4. You must be on the forums at least twice a week
If you want to be a mentor please say that below and put you username. Then I will add you to the People waiting for an apprentice list.

~People waiting for an Apprentice~
Brightstar Link to proflie: http://warriors.iftopic.com/u13
TawnyPelt Link to profile: http://warriors.iftopic.com/u9
Darkfire Link to profile: http://warriors.iftopic.com/u10

If you need a mentor here are the few rules that you must follow to be able to be an apprentice:
1. You MUST be under 140 POSTS to be an apprentice
2. You must not know the forums very well
3. You must have joined this forum from 2 months ago to now
4. You must be on the forums about twice a week

For the newbies who are waiting for a mentor I will send the mentors a message saying who there Apprentice is and for them to message there apprentice right after they have read the message and say that they are the apprentices mentor.

June 30th 2011
Mentir's for Newbies is going quite well!! We have been getting alot of Mentor's latly but need more apprentices. If you see someone new please tell them about Mentor's for Newbies so we can get more ppl thanks!!

~Mentor's with Apprentices and Apprentices with Mentors~
Nightfrost Mentor's Mosspaw Date: June 30th 2011


Have fun!! Happy

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Re: ~Mentor's for Newbies~

Post by SkyStar on July 9th 2011, 09:08

Hi dewclouds nice to meet you hope you like it here.

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Re: ~Mentor's for Newbies~

Post by Guest on July 11th 2011, 11:53

I need a mentor!


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Re: ~Mentor's for Newbies~

Post by Sponsored content

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