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Masqueraders' Allegiance

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Masqueraders' Allegiance

Post by Nyx on June 24th 2013, 16:17

» Allegiance «

♦ Caraway (Specklefern)
♦ Nocte (Brightfrost)

♦ Frost (Frostshadow)

♦ Keres (Blossomdust)
♦ Noxe (Rubysnow)
♦ Jade (Frozenglare)
♦ Dare (Creekstorm)

♦ Asterismos (Snowdapple)
♦ Blythe (Snowfall)
♦ Illusion (Shiverbreeze)
♦ Ren (Nightfeather)

♦ Aere (Hollypaw) Sentinel
♦ Pandora (Frostpaw) Undecided (?)
♦ Jagged (Briarpaw) Undecided (?)
♦ Caligo (Jadepaw) Sentinel

*Note: Link to Character Sheets in music note. Link to Masqueraders’ information sheet in title.


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