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demons and angels

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demons and angels

Post by Scarheart on June 24th 2013, 16:07

The earth is being invaded by Bones. Bones are Skeletons with rotten human skin on them. Typically from Warm Bodies. The demons and the angels are working together to destroy these beast. We are wolves.

Story line:

For hundreds for years angels have protected the world from demons. A experiment to clone wolves back to life went terribly wrong. The angels and demons decided to work together stop the bones. Was this going to be the end of their kinds. Even humans started to work with the bone wolves, angels and demons. Can we win?


1. No spamming

2.No godmodding

3. No killing other wolves beside bones

4. Have fun

code for all:

theme song-

heres mine

name- Vortex
rank- leader
age- 13 moons
gender- she wolf
wing- demon
looks- i'll post a picture after the first post because I am having a problem
mate- anyone
pups- no
theme song- Your gonna go far kid

name- Ace
rank- alpha
age- 9 moons
gender- male
wing- angel
mate- anyone
pups- no idea
theme song-The slyfox and the curious cat
other- nope

you can be a bone but they become apart of the winged society. I shall choose the leader of the angels and the deputy for me. the angel leader chooses the deputy.
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