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TextClan and TypeClan

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TextClan and TypeClan

Post by Tangleclaw on June 15th 2013, 20:19

In this RPG the cats of TextClan have cell phones! Their cell phones have powers! But the dogs of TypeClan have computers with powers! These two clans fight for there food!

My character sheet:

Name: ICat
Age: 19 moons
Gender: Female
Looks: Black cat with silver eyes and a silver apple brand logo on her back (apple with a chunk out of the side)
TypeClan or TextClan: TextClan
Type of Computer/Phone: Apple
Ability of device: Can shoot lasers and can take a pic that can temporally blind opponent
Mate: Available
Family: N/A
Rank: Leader
Other: N/A

I know it's big
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