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Main Blacksmith Shop

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Main Blacksmith Shop

Post by Hazelstar on June 2nd 2013, 20:11

Welcome to Skyclan's Blacksmith!

Current Owner- Hazelstar
Supplying for- The Next ORPG "The Ghosts are Real"
Background- Skyclan's Blacksmith is a place of weapons and nothing else. Deep inside the caves of Skyclan Territory, lies a dark cave full of shiny, new material to the cats of WCF. Skyclan was confused as to what to do with this material for awhile. It shined and flickered silver along the cave walls. It wasn't until a young apprentice one day decided to hobble along and hack at this material. It fell off easily, coming clean off the wall in one hunk of dullish silver. With the help of two warriors, it was carried back to camp. Hazelstar and Eaglestrike pondered over it. Calling a clan meeting, they decided what to do with the material. Suddenly, the clan got together as one, collecting sticks and carrying the material back deep into the cave. Quickly, the cats started a small, but strong fire, making sure it wouldn't reach any of their precious trees. Hazelstar herself took the strong material in her teeth and dropped it into the fire. It blazed and sparked, making some cats jump. Their fur flickered up and against the caves as the material started to melt. "What is happening to it?" A voice rose up from the crowd. Hazelstar ignored it, yowling out, "Blow out the fire! Quickly!" They did as they were told, Hazelstar helping. After lots of blowing, the fire was out. The material was now a silvery liquid along the cave floor. It still looked liquefied, but as Hazelstar blew herself, it slowly hardened in a matter of minutes. She unleashed her claws, prodding it. Her claws left scratches, not indents. Starting to dig her paws underneath it, she pries it off the ground. It left an echoing sound as it came loss, and some cats backed up more, hissing. "Calm now." Hazelstar meowed, raising her head, she had an idea, "Using this..." She paused. It needed a name. She smiled, "Using this iron, we can make weapons. We can carve patterns of weapons into the stone floor, and when a weapon is needed, we can build a fire over the carving, and let the iron melt and harden. Then we can pry it out, and look at that, we have iron claws. Iron Stars. Iron Helmets. Iron Spikes." She pauses again, looking at the looks of excitement in the crowd, the moon shining brightly on them now, "I want the work on our Blacksmith to commence tomorrow. Apprentices can collect iron, warriors carve out of the floors. Skyclan. I believe we've just discovered a turning point for our tiny, but now stronger clan." She yowled, raising her voice up to Starclan.
Description- The Blacksmith's purpose is to fulfill warriors needs of weapons when in battle. Whether this is mastering the arts of Stars and Spikes, or getting stronger through claws covering your paws or getting more defensive armor with the Iron Torso. You can purchase weapons that'll add to your AP and help you through ORPG's easier. We suggest you put the weapons you've bought in your signature, sign-up sheets for RPGs, or wherever else is useful so we know you aren't faking weapons, thank you! Feel free to explore the Blacksmith, and get comfortable. Too bad for non-Skyclan members though, because you don't get special discounts. Razz
Available Items-
*Available in the Full Iron Defense Set
**Available in the Full Iron Attack Set

**Iron Claws- Iron sharpened claws that curve around a cat's paws, can be unsheathed during battle, and give the cat an upper edge.
Skyclan Price- 50 WP
Other Clan Price- 100 WP
Attack Power- 500 AP

*Iron Helmet- An Iron Helmet, made to fit the universal cat head, meant for protection around eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Clan Symbol is engraved on forehead part.
Skyclan Price- 250 WP
Other Clan Price- 350 WP
Attack Power- 1,000 AP

*Iron Torso/Legs- A thin piece of iron that covers the length, legs and belly of the universal torso shape for a cat. Can be penetrated by the Iron Claws, and some cat claws if the AP is higher.
Skyclan Price- 500 WP
Other Clan Price- 1,000 WP
Attack Power- 1,500 AP

*Iron Tail- A thin piece of iron covering the entire length of the tail. Using the iron to smach enemies can be useful.
Skyclan Price- 100 WP
Other Clan Price- 250 WP
Attack Power- 500 AP

**Iron Stars- Image Ninja Stars. Now image cats using these to throw at one another. Those are Iron Stars.
Skyclan Price (A set of 15)- 150 WP
Other Clan Price (A set of 10)- 250 WP
Attack Power- 500 AP

**Spike Balls- An iron ball is formed, and spikes are created. Heating up the flat, non-sharp ends of the spikes, we 'weld' them onto the balls. Placing them and letting them harden to produce a Spike Ball.
Skyclan Price(A set of 10)- 250 WP
Other Clan Price(A set of 10)- 350 WP
Attack Power- 500 AP

Full Iron Attack Set- Includes the Spike Balls, Iron Stars, and Iron Claws.
Skyclan Price- 1,000 WP
Other Clan Price- 1,500 WP
Attack Power- 2,000 AP

Full Iron Defense Set- Includes the Iron Helmet, Iron Torso, and Iron Tail.
Skyclan Price- 3,500 WP
Other Clan Price- 5,000 WP
Attack Power- 4,000 AP

These are the items included for the 2013 Blacksmith. Please message Hazelstar or Dragonclaw with your order, or make a topic. If you message me, I'll transfer the order to Dragonclaw. Very Happy For Skyclan price reasoning, there will be no tolerance for members who join Skyclan for a week to just use the discounts and then drop the clan. If this is done by you, your purchase will be dropped and your WP would not be restored. To be respectful to actual members of Skyclan, within a month of you joining, you will not be able to leave Skyclan with your Skyclan discounted items. I'll be messaging Dragonclaw personally about members who join and leave quickly, to see if you've purchased items, so don't think you'll get away with it.
Other than that, I really hope you enjoy Skyclan's Blacksmith. It's a new addition to Skyclan and WCF, and hopefully this will work out. If you have any questions, feel free to message me, Hazelstar, about it, and I'll reply as soon as I can!

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Re: Main Blacksmith Shop

Post by Tangleclaw on June 3rd 2013, 07:01

This is a great store you made! Cat Smile

I would like to purchase an iron helmet and iron claws in WP.
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