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Post by StarGazer on April 10th 2013, 21:38

rank: Skyclan medicincat
age: 17 moons old
mate: Hawkflight!
discription: beautyfull slender long-coated calico she-cat with white chest and one eye dreamy blue/green/a little tint of silver and one eye megnificent gold/amber.
personality: wise,caring,kind,sometimes funny, warm-hearted, and loving.
Related to: Pinoexflare(sister)AngelHeart(sister) Mist(kin) Yellowfang(aunt) Bluestar(unknown)Hollyleaf(aunt) Snowfur(unknown) Spottedleaf(maybe half-sister)Sundream(mother)Tigerspirit(father)Silverstream(kin) Halfmoon(great great grandma)
Speical strenght: have a very strong conection with starclan. can swim alittle and can very easiely read the stars.
Weakness: due to long fur, she can not move as quietly as the rest of her clanmates.
History: coming soon!


Custom Rank : Skyclan medicin cat
WarriorPoints : 5242
Female Posts : 272
Reputation : 20

Warrior Information
Attack Power : 15,000

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