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12/21/12- Clan Style RPG.

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12/21/12- Clan Style RPG.

Post by Hazelstar on January 6th 2013, 00:26

First topic message reminder :

Hey everyone!
With all the gossip about 12/21/12, I decided to make alittle something! So let's say, the world did end! With the twolegs gone, what would be happening to the clans and their lives? Simply with the world ending, we wouldn't all just go crowd up in Awesomeclan, would we? Of course not!
Now with this RP, I'll give you a main objective, and many ways this RP can go. As the roleplayer, you may choose which direction you want, and how bad the cats will be inflicted! So let me explain-

Objective/Prologue- With the sun drying up everything, including Riverclan's rushing rivers, the clans need water, and fast! The leaders are under stress, and a few of their cats have gone crazy with the intense heat, and lack of decent food and water. The kits are dying because the queens aren't producing any milk, and the elder's frail bodies are suffering the most. The bigger clans are suffering especially since they need food in bigger numbers. With this all going on, the leaders themselves are losing their lives like crazy! With a sudden decision made out of the blue, the clans decided to leave their homes in search of better food and water. But will they find it in time? Or will it soon just be the leaders, dwindling on their last lives, with nobody to lead?

Possible Problems that could make an interesting RPG-
1. A mass disease breaks out that slowly turns the cats into corpses of their own skin (Zombie C:) and the clans are now running from their kin.
2. A volcanic eruption causes the clans to flee before their tails get burned off, the intense heat horrific.
3. Acid Rain. The clans get excited and stick their tongues out in hope of a life saving drop, when it turns out to sting their tongues and burn their flesh.
4. Sink Holes have opened up in the ground, making it harder and harder to reach the ocean or any hope of water.
5. A large desert brings the clans to halt, there is clearly no water there.
6. With the twolegs gone, their dogs have gotten loss, and their hungry! Maybe they'll attack the clans, and most won't survive?
7. Or whatever you think of!

So you may be thinking, why are these such absurd ideas? Consider it folks, in the end of the world, the world itself would be going crazy! Possibly heading towards the sun for all we know! So feel free to make this a fun RPG, with absurd natural disasters, odd diseases, and possibly a few insane cats! It's all up to you and your imagination. What do you think would happen if the world ended?

If you'd like to join, please fill out this sign-up sheet!-

Here's mine!
Name- Silversnow
Age- 18 moons.
Clan- Skyclan
Rank- Deputy
Gender- Female
Personality- Adventurous, exuberant, and loud, though can crack down sometimes. Loves kits and would do anything to save one. Strong will.
Appearance- A beautiful white long-haired she-cat with brilliant silver eyes.
Kits/Family- N/A
Mate- N/A

Please feel free to join as your own cat or a RPG one! Just keep your ranks the same as you have them now, and you can also have two RPing characters if you'd like! It's up to you.
Thanks, and Happy RP-ing! We'll start once we have a decent amount of members! Smile

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Re: 12/21/12- Clan Style RPG.

Post by Phoenixflare on March 3rd 2013, 11:22

~ I joined when I was in Moonclan.. so I'll create her ~

Name- Phoenixflare
Age- 20 moons
Clan- Skyclan
Rank- Warrior
Gender- Female
Personality- You'll see
Appearance- a black she-cat with dark amber eyes and a gold tinge around the irises
Kits/Family- Kits: Blackkit, Falconkit, Brackenkit, and Dreamkit Family: Emeraldsky (brother, alive)
Mate- Bramblesky

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Re: 12/21/12- Clan Style RPG.

Post by Nyx on March 3rd 2013, 14:51

Guys this already far past the two week mark. It seems like I have to explain again: the majority have decided on a rule to prevent spam. On any topic other than character sheets, galleries, or fanfics, it's considered spam to post 14 days or more after the last post.


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Re: 12/21/12- Clan Style RPG.

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