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Looking for former Mentor and present apprentice!!!!!!

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Looking for former Mentor and present apprentice!!!!!!

Post by Ren on December 21st 2012, 10:53

(Whoops! Whiteout or some mod, can you put this in the "looking for" section? I forgot that's where it goes XD)

Okay, so for my character sheet I would like to have a former mentor (I need a medicine cat and warrior) and a former apprentice. I also want an apprentice for now. It's no fun making up random names! And also, I'm putting you as ThunderClan in there if you do decide to be my former mentor and apprentice, because I just wrote my history and it took a whole half hour, and I don't want to rewrite a whole section of it. Thanks! Dawnstorm is also 29 moons, so make sure your older than me!!!!! I need a medicine cat because Dawnstorm was origanly going to be a medicine cat, but she transferred to a warrior (:

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