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My Sister

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My Sister

Post by Shimmerpaw on August 11th 2012, 06:36

I created an account for my sster and i wasn't sure Dragonclaw would accept it because it was the same IP adress as myaccount, so i wanted to know if he would accept and activate the accout soon, she is bugging me about it, so if someone could get back to me soon.

(Yes i know Dragonclaw is on vacation, but i dont know if i should just PM him.)
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Re: My Sister

Post by Whiteout on August 11th 2012, 07:17

If it's your sister, then it's no problem! Smile We always keep in mind that members may have siblings with the same IP address, as they live in the same household. There are many other members here who are siblings: Rainsplash and Illusionsnow, Shuriken and Pain, Monkeystar and Starclaw, just to name a few.

I also believe that you made a topic asking about the same issue about a month ago. At:

Please do not unnecessarily repeat similiar topics, but if you forgot about your previous topic, it's alright. Smile

PMing Dragonclaw would ensure that he would not mistake your sister's account for a double account of yours. So I would recommned PMing him about this matter!

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