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cats VS dogs

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cats VS dogs

Post by Pinewhisker on July 15th 2012, 11:33

First topic message reminder :

The twoleg place is destroyed and the tensions between dogs and cats are growing. They are going to war. Many lives will be claimed and battles will be lost. Choose your side and fight.

DOGS: the dogs live on the south side of the twoleg place

Clocks [Sorrelstar] Joining Form- Page 1
Myst [Maplestream] Joining Form- Page 1
Fetch [Cheesestar] Joining Form- Page 1
Agito [Ivyfrost] Joining Form- Page 1
Stryker [Brightstar] Joining Form- Page 1
Apocalypse [Brightstar] Joining Form- Page 1
Princess [angelmuffin] Joining Form- Page 3
Jay [Applefur] Joining Form- Page 4

CATS: the cats live on the north side of the twoleg place

Moonfur [angelmuffin] Joining Form- Page 1
Waterwave [Ivyfrost] Joining Form- Page 1
Frosty [Sorrelstar] Joining Form- Page 4

My Characters-

Name- Clocks
Cat or Dog- Dog
Breed- Samoyed
Fur- Clocks was a beautiful pure white he-dog with a full coat. Now, his fur is tangled in the places it hasn't been pulled out. Twigs and leaves are entangled in his neck fur and tail.
Eyes- Dark blue
Other- One semi-cropped ear

Cat or Dog-

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Re: cats VS dogs

Post by Roguestar on July 18th 2012, 11:52

Princess led Jay to her house. "This is it, not the best in the world, but the beds are still comfy. Do you want some mice, or do you want to see the bedrooms first?" she questioned. She looked around at all the cracked, ripped, and stained pictures. All of them had one thing in common. They all had her. She belonged to her owners since she was a tiny puppy. She slept in a cushioned teacup until the disease came and and the twolegs broke it. It was terrifying to bigger dogs with owners. It was even more terrifying to her. She let her tail droop in sadness as the memories came back, then brightened up. "So, what do you want to do first?"
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Re: cats VS dogs

Post by Noxe on July 18th 2012, 14:47

Myst roamed around the streets until sundown. Then she caught a blue jay and took it to the nearest house. She trotted up the stairs, exploring the place. As she entered a bedroom, she saw Fetch curled up on the bed. "Oh sorry!" she exclaimed, dropping the blue jay and taking a few steps backward. Myst hadn't recognized Fetch's house because of the darkness.


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Re: cats VS dogs

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