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Site Clan Information

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Site Clan Information

Post by Scarlett on June 3rd 2012, 15:30

Leader: Lightningstar
Deputy: Fireheart
Medicine Cat: Starclaw
Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A

About Thunderclan: N/A

Leader: Brightstar
Deputy: Streamfur
Medicine Cat: Echosong
Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A

About Riverclan: N/A

Leader: Icestar of ShadowClan
Deputy: Snowlily
Medicine Cat: N/A
Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A

About Shadowclan: N/A

Leader: Honeystar
Deputy: Sagedapple
Medicine Cat: N/A
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Beetlewhisker

About Windclan: N/A

Leader: Hazelstar
Deputy: N/A
Medicine Cat: Shardstep
Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A

About Skyclan: N/A

Leader: Shuriken
Deputy: N/A
Medicine Cat: N/A
Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A

About Iceclan:

Leader: Cheesestar
Deputy: Hazeldust
Medicine Cat: Snowdapple
Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A

About Awesomeclan:

NOTE: All members with their name marked n red have been deemed inactive until I'm told otherwise. Any positions they hold may be open to other members (older members have first rights). Other position marked "N/A" for Not Applicable are positions open to anyone but you must speak to the clan leader if you are interested in the position. They will ultimately decide who gets the rank.

If anything I have entered here is incorrect, please inform me and I will fix these.
IceClan Leader
IceClan Leader

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Re: Site Clan Information

Post by Frost on June 20th 2012, 06:13

This topic has been updated!

If you would like to apply for any of the available positions, feel free to send a PM to any administrator or global moderator Wink
Global Moderator
Global Moderator

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