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~DogSlayers & CatDefenders~Who's Side Are You on? (OPEN please join!))

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~DogSlayers & CatDefenders~Who's Side Are You on? (OPEN please join!))

Post by Brambleheart5 on May 3rd 2012, 12:57

First topic message reminder :

You run throw the forest, barking sounds behind you, you slam into a tall gray tabby with dark blue eyes. He snarls at you shoving you aside.
"Stand back." He growls unsheathing long silver claws.
A few more cats ran up to him unsheathing silver claws. The gray tom held is tail to signal for you to stay still. As a huge brown dog burst through the bushes barking the gray tom springs forward. You watch dazed as the gray tom and the others tackle the dog. You noticed they all wore black vests with items in them. You couldn't catch what was in them, but you knew these cats weren't normal. You watch as the gray tom sends a final blow to the dog. He slices the letters DS with his silver claws on the dog's shoulder than he looks up at you.
"I'm Slash, we're the DogSlayers." The gray tom says. "We never have enough members on are side, would you like to join, young one?"

CatDefender's Intro:
You pad through a alley, your ears ringing with distant barking.
“Hello?” You meowed as a blue tom with dark blue paws and a dark blue eye-splotch appears in front of you.
“My name is River.” He meows. ‘And you are?”
“____” You say.
“This is the CatDefenders side of the territory, why are you here?” River asks.
“I was just passing through.” You say.
“Before you go, are you interested in joining us?” River asks, his eyes slightly narrowed at you.


✦ No spamming.
✧ No god-modding or power-playing.
✦ Follow Dragonclaw's rule Wink Also, put "DSs & CDs 4 ever!" in the other part of your form if you read the rules.
✧ Be realistic! Dnt tlk lik dis. Also please use (), {}, or [] when talking outside of RP
✦ Please be active! Don't just join and never come back.
✧ Create as many characters as you wish
✧ Don't kill other peoples' cats without permission from the RPer
✧ Don't get to bloody, please, this is just a role play, and I personally, don't have anything against dogs, so lets keep this not to violent ok?
✧ NOTE TO DEPUTIES: If you want to be Deputy you MUST be active at least once (Or two times) a week, this is a big role and if you fail to show up your cat will move to warrior status. Please tell me if you will be inactive for a while and another Slayer/Defender will take over until you return, Deputy is also in charge when I of am gone.

✧ Do NOT steal this idea, this is 100% mine. I posted this on the orignal warriors cats forum too.
✧ Don't curse (Mouse dung, fox dung, etc is ok)


DogSlayers are a group of cats who plan to destroy all dogs. Most human believe that they are cruel humans, but little do they know they are cats. DogSlayers go through training and all have collars with help then connect with the DogSlayers in their underground agentcey. Cats can either be Trackers, Slayers, Newbies or babies.


Trackers have computers and they track down dogs on the block, they rarely go out and fight but sometimes they have no choice.


The Slayers are the ones who take down dogs. They are trained all the correct moves to take down even the biggest dog, though some fail or even die. They have "Walkie Collar" to confirm kills, attacks, or anything else. They all wear vests with weapons that you use, not ones like us, but every weapon is different. They believe that all dogs must be destroyed, and humans love dogs more.


Newbies are cats who need to be trained by their mentor; Newbies normal watches attacks but sometimes are welcomed to fight.

Kits are protected from all danger until 6 moons old when they become a Newbie. They are not aloud outside or to see a dog until 6 moons.

Healers: Just like medicine cats. Do not get stuck in rivalry between DogSlayer and CatDefender, can't have mates, talk with ancestors, etc.. They use the same herbs as medicine cats.

CatDefenders are a group of cats and dogs who are against Dogslayers, they protect cats from everything and only kill dogs when needed. Defenders protect their teammates and friends, they defend everyone and take dog prisoners from the DogSlayers. Against the DogSlayers. They live away from the DogSlayers, and protect cats, without harming other animals unless they need to.

Mothers of the kits, or to-be mothers. Also could be foster mothers that can't have kits/don't have a mate but want kits.

RPing dead animals:
After your rp character dies you can RP him/her to visit someone in dreams and such or you can just leave him/her behind.

What this RP is about:
Well, the Slayers want to destroy all dogs and Defenders (Along with trying to find anyone they can to join their side). Defenders want to protect cats, but not harm dogs and keep them safe from Slayers. Dogs can either be prisoners (Which can break out away from the Slayers) or just dogs who the Defenders protect or dogs that want to kill the slayers. In between will be romance, drama, etc.


The Agency:

An underground tunnel with computers, weapons and everything else they need. Before you enter, a paw scanner is in front of the door. The door will not open unless the scanner recognizes the cat's paw. The can be opened from the inside without a paw scanner.

Training Room:

This is a big room where all the cats are trained. It has many different things to help with training, walls to climb, things to hide behind, robot dogs to kill and more. There is an outdoor room with glass walls that they normally hold ceremonies.


Sometimes DogSlayers stop by their to take a few dogs to the training room for a Newbie who struggles to learn or get a few cats to help them.

The Alley:
A dark gray alley where the DogSlayers tend to have meetings, or sometimes secret meetings with CatDefenders.

The Forest:

It's not that far from the DogSlayers' tunnel (Camp), and they claim it as theirs. Though, CatDefenders, rouges and loners tend to hang around.

The Prison (In Slayer territory) :
A small room with paw scanners to open and close, but DNA of slayers who betrayed the slayers can be removed so they can't break out.

CatDefenders's camp: A large, abandoned twoleg workplace on the outskirts of the city. It is somewhat far from the DogSlayers. There are cushions and such used for bedding, and office cubicles serve as different dens.


Cats Name:
Cats’ gender:
Dogslayer, Defender, Tracker, Newbie or Baby?:
DogSlayer or Cat defender?:

Forum for dog/Dog Prisoner:

Dog or Dog Prisoner?:


Leader: Slash-A gray tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Very snappy and mean, but can be kind at times. No one knows anything about his past, except that it involved dogs. He likes to keep his "tough" image and if anyone disobeys him he goes for the kill. RPed by Brambleheart5

Deputy: Ozone-Male. platinum tabby with chilling ice blue eyes. His parents were killed by dogs, and his sister Skye was mortally injured. She now lives as a kittypet 'cause she can't handle anything else with her mangled leg. cunning, cold, persistant, intelligent, responsible, ruthless RPed by Brightstar

Healer: OPEN!

Healer Newbie: OPEN!

Slayers: IN NEED OF!

Stratosphere-Male. cloudy white and pale gray tabby with green eyes. a distinctive dog with one gray and one anmber eye has taken his whole family. He now seeks revenge on all dogs.. cold, hatefull, clever, brave, brusque. RPed by Maplestream

Scar--An orange tabby tom with one amber eye and one green eye. He is a very shy klutz, and is somewhat afraid of Slash, but at times he can be just like Slash. He can fight very well. RPed by Brambleheart5

Artie- Male. A tan tom cat with amber eyes. Smart, somewhat annoying, but can track down any dog on his computer. He secretly knows many fighting skills that DogSlayers know, but never uses them or shows them to anyone. RPed by Brambleheart5

Newbies: IN NEED OF!


Kit-Mothers: IN NEED OF!




Leader: OPEN!

Deputy: OPEN!

Healer: OPEN!

Healer Newbie: OPEN!

Defenders: IN NEED OF!

Bone-White tom with ginger spots. Strong, loyal and sharp-tongue. RPed by Brambleheart5

Newbies: IN NEED OF!


Kit-Mothers: IN NEED OF!


Dogs/Dog Prisoners: IN NEED OF!


Mates and Crushes:

The DogSlayers Code: (Can be broken in RP for drama)

1. Always obey the leader, even if you believe the leader is wrong, or face punishment

2. Be loyal to your side, never leave a teammate behind

3. Healers and leaders can't have mates

4. A baby/kit must be 6 moons old to become a Newbie, until then it will be kept safely inside

5. No DogSlayer may become friends with/talk with a CatDefender, if caught they will be punished by the leader

6. A Dogslayer rejects the life of a CatDefender

7. If any cat is found on DogSlayer territory they will be brought to the leader, if it is a kit it will be raised by the DogSlayers

8. Always kill the dogs you attack

9. When the leader dies the deputy will take over; If they both die a close friend of the deputy/leader must become leader

10. Newbies must complete a mission by themselves to become a Slayer. (Missions include: Killing a cat enemy (Ordered by the leader or mentor), tracking someone/something down, killing a dog.) All must be done without help

11. Slayers must always fight for their side; Even to the death

~~*The CatDefender Code~~*: (Can be broken in RP for drama)
1. Always protect your teammates; Never kill another animal unless necessary for defense

2. Kits/Babies must be protect with a Defenders life

3. A kit/baby must be at least 6 moon old before becoming a Newbie

4. You may have friendships with Dogslayer, but your loyalty must remain to the CatDefenders, as one day you may meet them in battle

5. Healers and Leaders can’t have mates

6. A Catdefender rejects the life of a DogSlayer

7. When the leader dies the deputy will take over; If they both die a close friend of the deputy/leader must become leader

8. Always obey the leader, even if you believe the leader is wrong,

9. Any DogSlayer, Dog or cat found on CatDefender territory must be taken to the leader.


Slayer/Defender Ceremony:

"I, _____, leader of the (DogSlayers or CatDefenders), call upon my (Slayer or Defender) ancestors to look down on this Newbie. He/She has trained hard to learn the ways of (Slaying or Defending) and the ways of your code, and I commend him/her to you as a (Slayer or Defender) in his/her turn. ____, do you promise you uphold the (Slayer or Defender)code and to protect and defend your teammates, even at the cost of your life?" ("I do.") "Then by the powers of (The Slayers or The Defenders), from this moment on you shall be a full (DogSlayer or Defender). We honor your (2 Traits) and we welcome you as a full (DogSlayer or CatDefender)."

Newbie Ceremony:
"_____, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to become a Newbie. From this day until you find in your paws and strength and courage of a (Slayer or Defender). (Mentor), you are ready to take a Newbie. You have shown yourself to be (2 traits). You will mentor ____, and I expect you to pass on all you know to _____"

Elder Ceremony:
"_____, is it your wish to give up the name of a (Slayer or Defender) and go to join the elders? ("I do.") Your teammates honor you all the service you have given to us. I call upon our ancestors to give you many moons of rest."

Healer Ceremony:
I, _____, Healer of the (DogSlayers or CatDefenders), call upon my ancestors to look down on this Newbie. He/She has trained hard to understand the ways of a Healer, and with your help he/she will serve the (DogSlayers or CatDefenders). _____, do you promise to uphold the ways of the Healer, to stand apart from the rivalry between Catdefenders and DogSlayers and Protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?" ("I do.") Then my the powers of our ancestors, I give you your true name as a Healer. Starclan honors your (2 traits), and we welcome you as a full Healer of the (CatDefenders or DogSlayers)."

New Deputy Ceremony:

"I say these words before the body/spirit of (Dead Deputy) may he/she hear and approve of my choice. _____ will be my new Deputy!"

Leader Ceremony:

"I, (Healer or older retired Leader), have been told by our ancestors that _______, must be the new leader. He/She has been (Trait) and (Trait). He/She has obeyed the code with all her/his heart and is worthy of leading the (DogSlayers/CatDefenders), may our ancestors hear approve my choice."

Deputy Ceremony:

"I, leader of the (CatDefenders or DogSlayers), call upon my (Slayer of Defender) ancestors to hear and approve my choice. The time has come for a new Deputy, _______, you have been loyal, brave and (Trait) to the (DogSlayers or CatDefenders). By the powers of our ancestors, ____ you are the new Deputy for the (DogSlayers or CatDefenders)"

Slaying/Defending Moves: NOTE: You can use any moves you like (As in ones you made up, ones you heard of, etc) these are here just in case some don't know any moves Wink

Basics (Defenders and Slayers):
*Scruff Shake Hold a strong grip on the opponent’s scruff, then shake violently until your opponent is too rattled to fight back. Very effective against rats, A strong throw will kill them.
*Back Kick Surprise move, used to catch an opponent from behind. Judge the opponents distance from you before lashing out with your back leg(s), putting your weight on your front paws.
*Belly Rake If/When opponent’s belly is revealed, slice across the soft flesh of the opponents belly. If you are pinned down, this move will put you back in control fairly quickly.
*Front Paw Blow When you are given the chance, bring your front paw down hard on your opponent’s head.
*Front Paw Strike Slice downward with your claws unsheathed at the opponent’s body or face.
*Killing Bite Bite the back of the opponents neck, often used as a sneak attack by rouges and loners because it is quick and silent, but is considered dishonorable by warriors.
*Leap-and-Hold Ideal for a smaller cat facing a larger opponent. With a large leap jump onto the opponents back and grip with unsheathed claws, inflicting several body moves before getting off. Be careful to jump off before the opponent makes a comeback by rolling over.
*Partner Fighting Warriors who have already trained and fought together will often, and usually instinctively, fall into a paired defensive position, each protecting the other while fending off opponents. A good defensive position when it is two versus a large group of cats.
*Play Dead Effective in a tough situation, such as when you are pinned and cannot use a defensive move. Stop struggling very suddenly and go limp. When your opponent relaxes his grip, push yourself up explosively. This will most likely throw off the opponent. The opponent may not take the bait, in which you might continue the feint, or think of something else. (Also works for Slayers)

Slayers Moves:

*Double Ambush, One cat stands in front of dog, other stands behind unnoticed. First cat distracts dog while second cat leaps onto back aiming for the throat, best for a final blow.
*Tree jump, cat climbs up tree or fence and lands on dog's back (For final blow)
*Four leg kick, a simple move to kick the dog of its paws, normally followed by slicing at the belly.
*Play Dead (See "Slaying/Defending moves")
*Bait, a trick where one cat dashes in front of dog, when the dog strikes out the cat falls limp. While the dog is distracted another cat can leap onto its back for the final blow

Herb List (Must be reviewed by all Healers and Healer Newbies)

Borage Leaves ~ To be chewed and eaten. Great for nursing queens as it helps increase their supply of milk. Also brings down fever.

Burdock Root ~ A tall stemmed, sharp-smelling thistle with dark leaves. The roots chewed up into a pulp can be applied to rat bites to help cure infection.

Chamomile ~ Used to calm a cat.

Catmint ~ A delicious smelling leafy plant that hard to find in the wild. Found in twoleg gardens. The best remedy for greencough.

Chervil ~ The juice of chervil leaves and the roots are used for infected wounds and belly aches.

Chickweed ~ Used to help cure Greencough.

Cobweb - Used to wrap around the injury, soak up the blood, and keep it clean and stops bleeding.

Coltsfoot ~ The leaves can be chewed into a pulp then eaten to help shortness of breath.

Comfrey ~ Chewed into a poultice and eaten to mend broken bones and soothe wounds.

Daisy Leaves ~ Used to treat aching joints.

Dandelion Leaves ~ Used to calm anxiety.

Dock ~ The leaf can be chewed up and applied to soothe scratches.

Dried Oak Leaf ~ Stops infection.

Feverfew ~ Can be eaten to cool down body temperature, particularly for cats with fever or chills.

Goldenrod ~ Made into a poultice and eaten to treat healing wounds.

Honey ~ Great for soothing infections or the throats of cats that have breathed smoke.

Horsetail ~ Leaves that are usually chewed up to treat infected wounds by applying as a poultice.

Juniper Berries ~ Berries sooth bellyaches and helps cats that have trouble breathing.

Lavender ~ Cures fever.

Marigold ~ Petals can be chewed into a pulp to stop infection.

Mousebile ~ used for getting rid of ticks. Make sure to wash paws afterward!

Mud ~ helps draw poison from snake bites.

Poppy seeds ~ Help cats sleep and soothe cats suffering from shock and distressed. Not recommended for nursing queens.

Ragwort Leaves - Used alongside juniper berries in a poultice to treat aching joints.

Stinging nettle ~ Seeds and leaves are used when swallowed poison and bring down swelling.

Tansy ~ eaten in small doses cures coughs.

Thyme ~ can be eaten to calm anxiety and nerves.

Watermint ~ Chewed into a pulp and eaten helps bellyache.

Wild Garlic ~ rolling in a patch; Helps prevent infection, especially rat bites.

Yarrow ~ Leaves can be made into a poultice and applied to wounds

(As I said in the rules, this is 100% mine, I have posted this RP on the main Warrior Cats Forum, but i own it. I believe it's allowed to have it here too, isn't it?)

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Re: ~DogSlayers & CatDefenders~Who's Side Are You on? (OPEN please join!))

Post by Noxe on May 8th 2012, 21:16

Stratosphere snarled and tensed, ready to spring out at whatever was there. The long blady grass tickled his smooth pale flanks. "Double ambush?" He suggested.


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Re: ~DogSlayers & CatDefenders~Who's Side Are You on? (OPEN please join!))

Post by Brambleheart5 on May 10th 2012, 13:47

"Sounds good to me." Slash arched his back, growling as a dog burst through the bushes.

Claw yelped as dog teeth met his tail.

Artie dashed away.

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Re: ~DogSlayers & CatDefenders~Who's Side Are You on? (OPEN please join!))

Post by Noxe on May 10th 2012, 15:54

Stratosphere stayed hidden behind, getting ready to pounce as the dog turned and attacked Claw.


"That's all life is. Breathing in, breathing out. The space between two breaths."
- Leah Raeder, Unteachable
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Re: ~DogSlayers & CatDefenders~Who's Side Are You on? (OPEN please join!))

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