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Custom Poems For YOU!

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Custom Poems For YOU!

Post by flamey on November 8th 2011, 15:25

Just fill this out!

Main charrie:

Honey's: The Broken Window
By Flamy Tail

She tapped.

“Please leave,”
My voice called into the gloom.
No one answered.
So I went to get the broom.

“Shoo! Shoo I say!”
Shaking the broom at a shadow.
“Spirits begone!”
My heartbeat became shallow.

It moved.
Swirling, and spiraling.
I grabbed my gun,
And began firing.

It flew through the window.
It shattered.
Now, my wife’s a widow.
And my grave firmly patted.

A piece flew to my heart.
Instantly killing.
Now, a ghost.
God be willing.

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